About the problem and the solution we propose

People struggling with chemical hypersensitivity cannot use cosmetics containing even the smallest amounts of chemicals. Yet, despite the scale of the phenomenon, the market still lacks cosmetics suitable for such demanding skin.

Therefore, in cooperation with dermatologists and aesthetic medicine doctors, we decided to combine years of research and experience to create technologically advanced, fully natural cosmetics that could comprehensively take care of every, even the most demanding type of skin.

MCS Laboratory products are healthy, natural and safe DERMO-solutions that eliminate skin problems:

  • hypersensitive
  • atopic,
  • capillary,
  • with discolouration,
  • with acne lesions,
  • excessively dry,
  • with visible signs of ageing.

MCS Laboratory cosmetics are not only an ideal choice for people with hypersensitive skin but also those who are looking for the highest quality, natural cosmetics produced following the idea of ​​”zero waste” that really work.

High concentrations of active, natural ingredients

In MCS Laboratory cosmeceuticals, we use only the highest quality, certified natural and naturally occurring ingredients. Each was selected for its scientifically proven pro-healing, regenerating and protective properties. The ingredients of the creams have been selected to obtain a synergy effect – each of the ingredients strengthens the action of the others. Each cosmeceutical contains numerous bioactive ingredients in concentrations several times higher than in reputable cosmetics available on the market.

Quality, innovation, technology

For the ingredients used in our cosmeceuticals can maintain maximum bioactivity, each of them has been obtained by advanced methods, including freeze-drying, enzymatic extraction, cold pressing and emulsification. These processes take place without the use of chemicals, making MCS Laboratory cosmetics completely natural, safe and hypoallergenic.

You buy a cream, we plant a tree.

At the heart of our philosophy is not only the good of our customers but also the good of the planet. That is why MCS Laboratory cosmetics are created following the idea of ​​”zero waste” and the packaging is fully biodegradable and non-foiled. However, we do not stop at zero waste and recycling. Seeing how quickly the world around us is changing, we decided to go a step further. We are partners of the charity One Tree Planted, dedicated to rebuilding the forests that are vital to the survival of our planet. Therefore, for every cream you buy, we plant a tree.

Manual production guarantees the uniqueness of each cream and no production losses.